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We provide the absolute best care for your pets
General tips for your pets!

In order to maintain good health , wellbeing & welfare of your pet , follow the tips mentioned herein under:

  •    Vaccinate your pet against common diseases with regular intervals (annually), vaccination is only a preventive measure & not a cure for diseases.
  •    Deworm every 2-3 months with polyvalent anthelmintic.
  •    Clean the shelter to prevent infections.
  •    Always provide adequate clean water.
  •    Avoid contact of your pet with diseased / stray animals.
  •    Keep high standards of personal hygiene.
  •    Always supplement food with vitamins & minerals.
  •    Avoid contamination with excretions & secretions.
  •    When the pet shows signs of disease or abnormal behavior consult your vet.
  •    Clean the eyes of your pet regularly with clean water or eye cleansing lotion.
  •    Regularly brush the hair , clip the nails and groom the long haired pets .
  •    Do not kiss your pet or allow it to lick your face.
  •    Take the pet for regular checkups, the vet. is your pet’s best friend . Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Compiled by National Veterniary Clinic.